Executive Coach Training
*** Application ***
18-21 Oct 2018 (Thu-Sun)
24-27 Jan 2019 (Thu-Sun)
23-26 May 2019 (Thu-Sun)
Name, Surname

Date of birth

Phone private / mobile

Phone office / business

Email for conversation related to training

Your Linked-in profile?

Billing address (VAT-number if applicable)

Allergies / special diet required?

Current occupation / professional background

Have you done a coaching training before?

If yes, please elaborate:

Have you been coached before?

If yes,
- what has worked for you?
- what was the most important effect of the coaching?

Why did you choose this training?

What are your expectations towards the training?

Would you like to pay before Jul18th 2018 and benefit from the 10% early booking discount (EUR 8.820 instead of EUR 9.800)?

Herewith I apply for the Executive Coach Training at Bossert Associates Academy. This registration is binding.

In case of a cancellation, a fee is due:
until 01/10/2017: 20 % of training fee
02/10 - 18/10/2017: 50 % of training fee
after 18/10/2017: 100 % of training fee
Thank you for your registration. We will send you a confirmation to the submitted e-mail address. Looking forward to our common experiences!

Next steps: 

Please share with us a 1-minute self intro video that we can share with your peers. Please send it to katja.bossert@bossert-associates.com (you may use WeTransfer).

Mid September CET Pre-program call

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